About Us

We use science and technology to help organizations realize the hidden value in their waste

Our Story

Terraforma Systems was established in 2021, born out of the False Creek Flats Industrial District in Vancouver, British Columbia, a district where organizations financially thrive by sharing and reusing resources. As passionate environmentalists, we set out to develop technological solutions that empower organizations to reap the same rewards as those within the district that inspired us.

Our passion for the environment wasn't the only thing that brought us together, we are also a team of engineers and scientists with a pragmatic approach to accelerating change. We knew that the fastest way to transition organizations from a linear economic model to a circular one, would be to create solutions that would be in their best financial interest.

With that criteria in mind, we designed a waste management ecosystem of products and services that help organizations divert waste and reduce their climate impact, as well as bolster their balance sheet.

Our Values


We are driven by our passion to create and forge innovative solutions that tackle challenges waste management pose to organizations and society


We stand behind materials recovery best practices, and we believe our clients deserve to understand what happens to their waste and its potential value


We are stronger together when we work to drive environmental and social impact.


Climate change is the greatest challenge our society has ever faced, and we are moving the needle through action, not talk

Terraforma Systems
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Terraforma Systems