Sometimes it's just better to do things yourself

Onsite composting with the T-Rex Composter helps you save

Save Money
Save Time
Save the Environment

Our T-Rex Composters transform your organic waste into immature compost onsite, giving you greater autonomy and control over your waste management process.

By owning your waste management process, you also own your waste management data, giving you the insights necessary to be an industry leader in sustainability

Save Money
Reduces waste hauling fees by 80% and protect against escalating waste hauling rates
Protect against potential fines being increasingly levied by regulators
Save Time
Increase operational efficiencies, reducing burden on staff
Make reporting easy and seamless with access to waste management data through Terraforma IQ
Save the Environment
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from waste collection, transportation, and disposal from your site
Identify reuse cases for your waste with Waste Regeneration Design

How It Works

Using heat, agitation and microbes, the onsite food composter machine breaks down food waste in 24 hours, reducing the volume by 80% and producing an inert, odour-free, immature compost material.

Go the additional mile to close the loop by engaging with our R&D partner, Regenerative Waste Labs, who specialize in the creation of closed-loop and open-loop solutions with their Waste Regeneration Design process.

All our composters connect to Terraforma IQ, our climate reporting & education software which collects and amalgamates your organic waste data with your other waste streams data, allowing you to accurately measure and report your climate impact.

T-Rex T500
T-Rex Series Quick Facts
The T-Rex series has five models, so regardless of the size of your organization, we have a machine to handle your organic waste needs
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  T100 T200 T300 T500 T1000
Compost Capacity  
Daily 275 kg 550 kg 825 kg 1,370 Kg 4,800 Kg
Monthly 8,300 Kg 16,700 Kg 25,000 Kg 41,700 Kg 144,600 Kg
Annually 100 t 200 t 300 t 500 t 1736 t
Weight Reduction 80%
Compost Time 24 hours
Machine Dimensions  
Width 2.317 m 3.175 m 3.867 m 4.674 m 4.680 m
Depth 1.231 m 1.503 m 1.624 m 1.808 m 3.421 m
Height 1.383 m 1.771 m 1.995 m 2.157 m 2.157 m

We've brought the T-Rex back from extinction to prevent another global climate catastrophe.

Are you ready to close the loop?

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