Sustainability is our aim, technology and science are our tools

Our sustainability ecosystem includes equipment, software, and a research & development methodology

Let us help you close the loop for a better tomorrow!

Waste Management Equipment

Our T-Rex composters transform your organic waste into immature compost onsite, giving you greater autonomy and control over your waste management process

Achieve cost reduction by eliminating disposal expenses
Reduce the greenhouse gases (GHG) associated with food waste transportation and decomposition in landfills
Climate Reporting & Education Platform
T-Rex IQ

T-Rex IQ is your hub for sustainability data and insight

Report your waste management data seamlessly and educate your employees, customers, and other stakeholders on operational best practices

Leverage the insights from comprehensive access to your waste management data, making waste diversion easier and more transparent
Use the coursework provided by our waste management experts to become a sustainability best practices leader and champion
Waste Regeneration Design
Value in Waste

With our equipment and technology, and the R&D process developed by leading scientists and researchers in compost science, biomaterials, and organic waste recovery at Regenerative Waste Labs, we want to turn your waste into a resource.

Whether it's a closed-loop solution (cost recovery) or an open-loop solution (revenue generation), let your waste contribute to a better bottom line.
Close the loop on your organic material usage, reducing your climate impact.
Our Clients
Follow YVR Airport's journey towards sustainability with their adoption of onsite composting technology
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