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Be cerebral when it comes to your climate impact with Terraforma IQ

Terraforma IQ

Machines are only as good as the person operating them. That's why we've created and equipped our composters with TFS IQ.

TFS IQ is a data analytics and climate reporting platform that provides real-time waste transparency by measuring and quantifying your organic waste data and amalgamating it with your other waste stream data. With access to your data and our library of waste management educational content, we work with you to achieve operational, financial, and sustainable improvements within your organization.

Terraforma IQ
Live access to your organic waste data, measured through your usage of our T-Rex Composter
API connection to your other waste streams, giving you a wholistic view into your organization's waste management process
Customizable goal tracker to help you stay on track with your diversion targets
Diversion reporting that quantifies improvements made from insights made via access to your data
Standardized and customizable reporting documents
Access to our library of waste management educational content
Real-time waste transparency enables you to addresses the problem of food waste at its inception - this can provide additional savings opportunities through up-stream changes in purchasing, handling, and food preparation
Reduce climate impact by identifying waste reduction opportunities
Communicate your innovative waste recovery story to employees, customers, investors, your community, and all other stakeholders
Achieve operational efficiencies, lowering burden on staff and reducing costs
Be an industry leader and educator with transparent climate reporting

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